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DN and I where talking and , decided to ditch the bagage but, that we wanted to keep the info in place here, Please join

new forums software(thats far nicer then SMF or PHPBB3 or XF..ororor...


just put ur email addy in and submit  and bam passkey(like anydvd) for life....good deal if you ask me :)
well, we are back sort of, gotta get emails sent out to old active members, Erik, Dandel and I are playing ESO quite alot, gonna get a section added for that.

hoping we can get more people to jump in with us, I find people in ESO quite a b

05 May 2013 - Star Citizen

I've been following Star Citizen for a while now and the guy that's heading up the project released a video with actual game footage, take a look:


read that, in short, the Xbox720 and PS4 will be using 8 core amd chips and amd gpu's, and more and more developers are going with AMD as their dev platf
Building on the momentum of its current line of solid state hybrid drives (SSHD), Seagate Technology plc today announced it will begin shipping its third-generation of SSHD products. Featuring the Seagate Laptop SSHD, 7 mm-high Seagate Laptop

05 Mar 2013 - ESO info

DN emailed me a link thats to something new that came out today, it seems the engine in Elder Scrolls Online will be new with some bits and peices from other companies, it will not be gamebryo based in any way from what i gather.

It's no secret that copies of Office 2013 bind themselves to a single computer, but Microsoft has now confirmed to Computerworld that the software's license can't be reassigned to another PC, as is possible with Office 2010. When asked whether
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While we knew Microsoft Messenger was due to retire sometime in the first quarter of this year, we now have a confirmed date. According to The Next Web, Redmond has informed users via email that they have until March 15th to use the IM platfor
Richard Stallman - founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU operating system - said releasing DRM-protected games on the open-source platform would be "unethical".

This guy is just nuts.

In its infancy for quite a long time now, software maker Cononical today is taking the wraps off of the smartphone variation of its Linux operating system Ubuntu. The interface will be distinctly in the Ubuntu style, and have many features of
The Do Not Disturb mode introduced with Apple’s latest iOS 6 appears to have a serious bug. Since the turn of the year, it stopped functioning as promised and prevented quite a lot of people from getting their calls and messages.

Chinese peripherals maker Orico took it upon itself to help make 2013 the year of the USB 3.0 hub. The company launched a trio of brushed aluminum USB 3.0 port strips (akin to power strips), the 4-port A3H4, the 7-port A3H7, and 10-port A3H10.

More and more data arrives, it seems Windows 8 is
Hope everyone is having a great holiday.
It's about time! Yeah now we can see what DX11 will do in 3dmark!


Still no word on when it will be out.  :sad2:

01 Dec 2012 - Latest News

A few days ago we nearly suffered a huge spam attack, luckily I managed to lock the site down by putting it in Maintenance Mode before any real damage was done.

Since then we've worked to get this all sorted. SMF has been updated to 2.0.2,
AMD has announced the release of a few more Piledriver FM2 and AM3+ processors.

CPUPart NumberFrequencyTurbo FrequencyL2 CacheL3 Cache[
In a stunning turn of events Intel announced it will do something to make life simpler for owners of its parts. According to the future road maps Itanium (IA-64) processors are going to share the same socket as Xeon (x86-64). This will be the first t
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